What are the advantages and disadvantages of woven fabrics


1. The advantages of woven fabric are its stable structure, flat surface, and generally no sagging when hanging, making it suitable for various cutting methods.

2. Woven fabrics are suitable for various printing and dyeing finishing methods. Generally speaking, printed and jacquard patterns are more refined than knitted, woven, and felt fabrics. There are a wide variety of fabric designs and colors. As a clothing fabric, it has good washing resistance and can be refurbished, dry cleaned, and various types of finishing.

3. Due to the fact that the warp and weft yarns of woven fabrics have little to do with elongation and contraction, and do not undergo transformation, the fabric is generally relatively tight and quite hard.

4. When the warp and weft raw materials, yarn count, and density of the fabric do not increase, the fabric exhibits anisotropy, and the different interlacing patterns and finishing conditions can form a different appearance personality.


1. Woven fabrics extend in all directions, have elasticity, and are not as good as knitted fabrics.

2. Woven fabrics are not as breathable as knitted fabrics, and have a harder feel.