Does woven fabric pilling

Woven fabrics generally do not pilling, and the main reason for fabric pilling is the fiber length of the yarn and the tightness of the fabric. Yarns with static electricity, such as TR type, are relatively more pilling. Loosely woven fabrics are also prone to pilling. Shuttle weaving fabrics are woven by weaving machines in the form of a shuttle, which interlaces yarns in the warp and weft directions. Their organization generally includes three categories: plain, twill, and satin, and their variations. This type of fabric is sturdy, straight, and not easily deformed due to the interlaced warp and weft weaving method. It is classified according to its composition, including cotton fabric, silk fabric, wool fabric, linen fabric, chemical fiber fabric, and their blends and interweaving fabrics. The use of woven fabrics in clothing is leading in both variety and production quantity in the world. Touch the fabric with your hand, and if the fabric is hard and has a smooth feeling, then.