What season is Roman fabric suitable for wearing

Roman fabric is actually a type of knitted fabric, which has the characteristics of soft and comfortable, non allergic, high breathability, and high elasticity. It is often made into close fitting clothing, such as autumn clothes and pants. Roman fabrics are divided into ordinary Roman fabrics and high-end Roman fabrics based on the number of weaves.

Roman cotton weighing over 300 grams can be used as outerwear, knitted pants, and sweater fabrics, suitable for autumn and winter wear; The lightweight Roman cotton jacket weighs between 200g and 300g and can be used as a fabric for spring and summer T-shirts, short sleeved fabrics, long skirts, and dresses, making it also suitable for wearing in spring and summer. So the choice of which gram weight Roman cotton determines the clothing style it produces, and basically Roman cotton can be used as fabric throughout the year.