Advantages and disadvantages of fleece

Shake grain velvet is a type of knitted fabric, which is a small Yuanbao knitted structure that is woven on a large circular machine. After weaving, the fabric is first dyed, and then subjected to various complex finishing processes such as pulling, combing, shearing, and shaking grains. The fabric is brushed on the front side, and the shaking grains are dense and not easy to fall off or pilling. The back side is brushed sparsely and evenly, with short fluff, clear organizational texture, and excellent fluffy elasticity.

Advantages and disadvantages of fleece

1. The feel is silky and smooth. Undoubtedly, the hand feel of polyester fleece is very comfortable. Wearing it on the body, it is as delicate and silky as cream, very smooth.

2. Good elasticity. The elasticity of polyester fleece is also very good, allowing users to freely stretch various movements without any sense of constraint and deformation. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive.