What kind of clothes can you make from sweatcloth?

Sweatcloth is a common knitted fabric, relative to the woven fabric is elastic, its knitting and knitting sweater the simplest flat knitting method is the same, warp and weft have a certain degree of elasticity. But if it's elastic, it's more elastic. Sweatcloth refers to the weft knitted fabric made of underwear, which is relative to polyester, polyester cotton, and other fabric components.

The most common clothing made of sweatshirt is the T-shirt, and the cotton sweater underwear we usually see is made of double-sided sweatshirt, double-sided sweatshirt is a weft knitted fabric, the fabric can only see the front coil on both sides. Soft and thick fabric, lateral elasticity is good, suitable for making cotton sweaters underwear and sportswear.